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If you are preparing to take the IELTS test and don’t want to spend a large amount of money as well as your time attending IELTS courses at Englisg centres, this course is for you. It is brought to everyone by the University of Queensland, Australia and designed for self-study. You will be supplied with […]

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In our latest article, I’ll tell you how to improve your IELTS writing score by using parallelism. What is Parallelism? Parallel means two things (lines, objects, etc) running next to each other, having the same space between them at all points. For example, look at the word “parallel” itself – the two ls in […]

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What is IELTS? The English language testing system is English language proficiency test. It is a very popular test for higher education or worldwide migration. Every year million of people take the test. It is designed by experts to evaluate all of your English skills like reading listening writing and speaking and results that how […]

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Confused? Lost? Frustrated? These are the emotional torture that IELTS candidates will face while preparing for their test. You have questions but can’t seem to find the answers on Google or from your circle of friends. You feel confused, lost, frustrated… Fortunately, Lecturers on Demand is here to help! Lecturers on Demand is an online education service […]

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Louis Rogers is a freelance author and senior academic tutor at the University of Reading. He has worked in a number of countries and taught in various contexts ranging from young learners to Academic English. Louis is co-author of Oxford EAP B1+, Foundation IELTS Masterclass, Proficiency Masterclass and Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Skills for Business […]

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To have another language is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne One of the things that I am most grateful for is that my parents taught my brother and I German. We’re first generation Canadian. My parents immigrated to Canada in 1960. Three years later I was born and sixteen months after that my brother […]

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Hi from Teacher Joseph!

Summer Update

Historically June July and August are quiet months. In Europe its summer and many people are away on holiday, universities are closed. Teachers are seeing a slight drop in their student bookings and have more time to come to the forums and perhaps advertise. Its also a good time to sort out websites and blogs.

If a teacher reduces a language to become a commodity (in other words if a teacher views his job only as a way to earn money) then everyone is reduced down to something which is being bought and sold, the teacher, the student  etc. and his teaching practice will not be successful. People are not commodities and language isn´t either so there needs to be a balance of “giving” as well as offering free help to those who need it. A good teacher will be raising up his students to empower them, not to try and use them to get money. its unethical. There´s good months and bad months, just like any other job.

Teachers do need to earn but they also need to realize the world is not always about buying and selling. I often help students who have a quick question or need something correcting free of charge. Having said that,   I´ve been approached by many people on Facebook  who simply don´t want to pay for lessons. Pleading with me to teach them free. I think a good teacher knows from the initial enquiry or from the first lesson who is serious about learning. There are a lot of time wasters, on both sides teachers and students. I am pleased to say though that I have met many wonderful people and I think the system of Skype Teaching works well, but people should monitor Teachers more to see exactly what their ratings are, to ensure quality at all times or even do some kind of random survey or checks.

I´m happy to help.