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Having relatively recently taken my learning of the English language seriously, I have come across the idea of descriptive versus prescriptive language. I have always thought that as long as the intended message is sent, received and understood, the way in which this is achieved is irrelevant. What is Prescriptive language? This is where the […]

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ESL–Should It Matter if You Blog? — e-Quips

ESL–English as a Second Language. (Confession time–English is my first language. I am functional but would not call myself quite fluent in Spanish. Those are the only two languages I know more than a few words in. I was also an English major in college.) I follow some very fine blogs written in English, where […]

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Roger Sanchez – Another chance – or Why you should always use the present perfect tense in relationships.

The other day I found this song from the 1990s which I haven´t  “watched” in a long time. Its a video-clip and is very telling about our experience of life  and how we perceive that experience.

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

So a young lady is walking through the streets of  Los Angeles (or another US city) carrying a massive heart. No one wants her, she tries to get on a bus, get in a taxi, go to a cafe and she is refused because they cannot accommodate her heart and she gets a bit sad, lost and alone.  As a result, the heart starts to shrink and it gets so small that she finally carries it under her arm.

At this point she meets someone who asks her on a date and as they say goodbye, the heart starts to grow because her faith in human love is restored. The man looks back and sees the huge heart and is saddened because he does not want a commitment and is not ready to receive a person with such a big quantity of love (a large heart).

This is why you need to always use the present perfect tense – if she had said “my heart has been bigger in the past” or “it has gotten smaller” , “it has shrunk” it would let the man know that her heart can change sizes. Instead she tells him “It was bigger” which indicates that in one time and one place in the past it became smaller,  (which indicates she may have been hurt or it might be because of a specific event or events in a short time).

Note: Americans don´t often use the present perfect in the same way as British people.

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The best reasons to learn English — Magic Translations

Spanish version: https://magicaltranslations.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/la-importancia-de-aprender-ingles/ In this new article, I want to share with you the reasons why it seems to me that learning a new language can be important for many aspects of everyday life. The reasons for studying English are many and varied. Here we would like to offer you the most important ones, apart […]

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Who’s in charge of the English language? — Scientist Sees Squirrel

Image: Oxford English Dictionary, Mrpolyonymous CC BY 2.0 via flickr.com. But no, the Oxford Dictionary is not in charge. Who’s in charge of the English language? Nobody, of course. You might think that would make our writing easier; but actually, it makes it considerably harder. Here’s something you see all the time: someone either asks […]

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