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ITALKI is probably the largest and best E-Learning platform in the world for learning English – Teachers set their own rates so it can be quite cheap. You can find me on there too! Search for “Joseph McTaggart”.

Cheap Hotels – The cheapest deals on the planet guaranteed, it doesn´t get better than this. Ideal for a break, English course in a new country or a little holiday.

 An Excellent English Course from those nice people at fluentenglish which right now is reduced to around ten American dollars!!  You have studied English for years, yet you still don’t speak English well. This course is perfect for you, with a money back guarantee up to 90 days.

Rocket Ingles – This is one of the best packages I´ve seen for  Learning and its aimed at Spanish people.  It covers all of the basics and a lot more. Quickly you can expect to be speaking and the learning time is 50% quicker than anyone else. It also comes with a 60 day guarantee so if you don´t like it, you can get a refund. Its a little bit expensive at 40 US Dollars but definitely worth it.  There´s also a premium version.

Don´t worry if you are not Spanish, this  link will take you to Rockets website and you can find all of their other courses too. Just click on the logo at the top .

English Prepositions List E-Book –  – A wonderful book from Josef Essberger with plenty of examples. It also comes with a 90 day guarantee so if you don´t like it you simply get a refund, no questions asked.  Its fairly cheap costing around 7 British Pounds and covers all 150 prepositions.  Don´t forget my Ebooks too.

American Accent Course  If you prefer American English to British This American Accent Course Is A Top-rated Membership Program That Helps Non-native English Speakers Lose Their Foreign Accent. It Goes Beyond Traditional ESL Classes And Shows 2nd Language Learners How To Use Intonation And Rhythm For Successful Speech.  It sells for around 33 American Dollars. 

Children´s Reading Course Super Effective Program Teaches Children Of All Ages To Read. Incredible Results. Note this is designed for Native speakers, but it will work just as well with ESL Children too! It costs around forty dollars.

Sign Language –  around 40 US Dollars a fantastic course, which really works!

PERSONAL LINKS: Links to all my English Teaching are on the home page of this site. Please do follow me, I am present on all Social Media Networks. If you are more interested what I´m doing in my spare time, (when I´m not teaching)  you might find the following links interesting.

My Scottish Gaelic Blog.

My Catholic Journal

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My Tumblr Blog which carries posts from all my sites together. Including rare poems,  pictures, artwork and other strange things from the past.

Other Audio recordings  Me,  Reading from the books of Mary Baker Eddy, the Bible and my Piano compositions gifted to an American Church website. They sometimes  ask me to read their weekly sermon as well.