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The English language is full of collocations and idioms. By collocations, I mean words that naturally go together like ‘high hopes‘, ‘heavy rain‘, and ‘make friends‘. We don’t say ‘tall hopes’, ‘huge rain‘ or ‘produce friends‘. Idioms are expressions whose meaning cannot be predicted by the words in the expression; for example, ‘to kick the […]

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Project Compass: Brazil #LearnEnglish

I have a free “drop in” English class for Brazilian people weekly. If you would like to join this weekly class or would like more details please contact me. It is open to all Brazilians who are trying to learn English and is free. You only need a Skype ID.  The class cannot be larger than 25  people.

Brazil has many economic and social problems – if you are a teacher and you would like to participate in this voluntary project please contact me.

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Having relatively recently taken my learning of the English language seriously, I have come across the idea of descriptive versus prescriptive language. I have always thought that as long as the intended message is sent, received and understood, the way in which this is achieved is irrelevant. What is Prescriptive language? This is where the […]

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