A Drop In Class?

I am looking at a new idea for teaching.

I would like to make an informal “drop in” class at least once a week which would last one and a half hours, maybe longer.

My idea is that this should be free for everyone who has had a class with me in the past, but if you bring a friend the cost would be Five British Pounds per class.

There are a few difficulties which I need to think about. Firstly, Skype holds conferences but there is a maximum number. I am unclear how many that is. I think it is 25.

I want it to be as informal as possible, its simply another chance to learn something new.

If interested please let me know, it is likely to be on a weekday around 10am UK time.






Special Offer

I currently have a special offer for English Learners.

If you book 10 lessons with me (cost of ten British pounds per hour), then you will get two free.

If you are interested, please let me know.

the total must be payable in advance on paypal
any no show or non attendances must be paid for