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Last week I posted a draft learning pedagogical structure which shows how we learn a language. I am currently developing and typing it and hope to post it on this blog next week.

I have shared it with many of you during classes and everyone has asked “how can it help me learn?”

In practical terms, it is a chart which shows how we learn. By understanding these points, your mind will be better equipped to study. It can help you to see and examine different points:

1. The chart is divided into two halves:  the practical  (speaking and listening) and academic  (writing and reading). This allows you to see what parts of learning you have been focussing on.
2. It is further split into two lots of rows, subconscious and conscious where the top two rows are the outward functional ego and the bottom two are the inner deeper aspects of Mind.

There’s  many things you can do with this chart. Firstly you can ask yourself why and how you are learning. Is it only for the outward ego, or to earn money or work?  As learning takes place in the bottom two rows as expressions of Love/God/Spirit or collective mind (you can choose your own name for it) then superficial learning only for practical reasons has no real basis of existence. Learning for outward reasons cannot help you grasp any deep points of expression. As the outward functional part of your mind is opinionated, it often blocks learning, unless it can see a functional use for it. In reality, the outward functional mind should be a reflection of the deeper subconscious. Sadly for many of us thats not the case.

Secondly you can use it to see where you and your teacher fit into this. Learning by cramming your mind with grammar, vocabulary and fact will not and cannot teach you from a place of expression. In other words, to learn effectively you must bond and connect with or relate to your teacher and others on a deeper level to allow you a worthy expression.

Thirdly, it can teach you that language as a commodity lowers the efficacy of learning down to its existence in the top two rows only.


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