An Exciting Project

As you all know I  regularly teach people online using Skype.

From time to time,  I  also like to get involved with voluntary teaching – that means giving some lessons free of charge to a deserving organisation.

If you know of a school, orphanage, institution, which may be economically deprived or perhaps in a poor area, I would be very happy to hold English classes weekly or more on skype free, without payment.

If you know of a place in your country which might be interested in this idea, please ask them to contact me. They would need to have Skype (or another platform) and the ability to use a screen which could be seen in a classroom setting.





Conditional Tenses #ielts

The song Parachute by Cheryl Cole is perfect for studying Future Tenses as well as First Conditional and Zero Conditional. She is not literally singing about a parachute. The parachute symbolizes ‘help’ or ‘rescue’. We have various ways to talk about the future. You may like to read my earlier posts (Future tenses – part one , Future […]

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